Thursday, September 29, 2011

Aussie Burger with Veggie Patty

I've been stuck near the university in the early evenings for over a week now, and am now into repeats as far as dining experiences go.

I headed back to Rodeo Burgers for one of their prefixed burgers: The Aussie. It has Rodeo Sauce (a white, garlic mayo), ketchup, picked beets, carmelized onions, lettuce, tomato (always centre cut), and a fried egg.

To be different, I opted for a veggie patty instead of the beef. It was a mushroom-based patty that reminded me of Money's veggie burger, but a bit more kicked up. Note: it was definitely not vegan, as I think some cheese was used in the binding. Then again, a burger with an egg on it is not vegan anyways.

The egg was fried hard, and was actually my favourite part of the burger. Loved the pickled beets also - now that is a different burger topping. Like last time, I adored the fries.

I am not exactly sure what made this burger "Aussie," but it was definitely the most unique burger I have ever had.

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