Monday, December 22, 2014

Spicy Steak and Potato Pizza at Boston Pizza

Pizza and beer night. #yegfood

I don't go out with my father and brother often. We needed a place in the west end and the only restaurant we could agree on was Boston Pizza. I had a new menu item: the spicy steak and potato pizza. Thin slices of BP's Cactus potatoes as well as thin slices of grilled steak with lots of spices topped the pizza, along with onions. I held the cheddar and opted for all mozzarella. The pizza was definitely spicy - almost to the edge of my tolerance - and the steak actually held its own with grilled flavour. The potatoes were soggy under the cheese and almost superfluous. The horseradish mayor drizzle and crispy onion straws were missing, I later realized. If you like a meaty, spicy pizza, this is a great idea - just make sure you get exactly what you order.

Bavarian Turkey Dip at Brewsters

Turkey dip at Brewster's #yegfood

I went out for supper this week with my brother to the Meadowlark location of Brewsters. I tried a menu item I have been eyeing for a while: the Bavarian Turkey Dip. Served on a pretzel bun, thin slices of turkey breast is piled high with tart cranberry sauce and mayo. I held the provolone. The dip part was the turkey gravy to the side. It was one of the best turkey gravies I have ever had: thick and flavourful without being too lumpy or spicy. It also went well with the fries I had to the side.

Vegging Out: Diner's Veggie at Friends and Neighbours

Veggie goodness at Friends and Neighbours #yegfood

A late lunch on Saturday led me at Friends and Neighbours (10834 82 Avenue). I was really hungry and opted for the Diner's Veggie, which at $13.95 is one of the most expensive items on the menu. The crispy, grilled pita was packed with onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, avocado, and crispy soy bacon - definitely the star of the dish. I thought that the vegetables would have been sauteed, other than the avocado, of course. Otherwise, it was basically salad in a pita. The sour cream and salsa to the side made for some good dipping of the accompanying potatoes, as well as the pita itself, which also had vegetable spread on it. The flavours worked well together and the dish was filling.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sandwich and Salad at Cafe Blackbird

Smoked salmon at Cafe Blackbird #yegfood

I have been wanting to give Cafe Blackbird another try, and had the opportunity a couple of days ago. I tried the smoked salmon, spinach, and cream cheese sandwich for $9. The sweet, pickled onions added a flavour dimension different than the capers and onions which typically come with smoked salmon. The salmon was fresh and plentiful, and while the baguette from Cobs was delightful, I really missed the dense, chewy sensation of a bagel. The portion just seemed a little light for the price.

Spinach and kale salad at Cafe Blackbird #yegfood

On another plate was a salad of spinach, kale, and tomatoes, with a dressing of olive oil and lemon. At $7 for a half size, the portion was quite generous, the kale and spinach filling and crunchy. I would have loved more sliced almonds on top. The dressing gave the salad a fruity after taste which was pleasant. However, the dressing was also loaded with garlic, which became stronger the more I ate. It is a good thing I did not have a hot date afterwards! The flavours of the individual salad components were enough that it did not need such a strong dressing. Lighten up on that a bit and Cafe Blackbird will have one of the best salads in the city.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mango Butter Chicken at Naanolicious

Mango butter chicken #yegfood @naanolicious

It's Saturday evening. You guessed it - I went to Naanolicious for supper. Believe it or not, there are still a few menu items I have not yet tried. The mango butter chicken dinner is one of them. A generous portion of creamy, delicious butter chicken is served with basmati rice, a wedge of mango, and a shot glass with mango puree, to sweeten things up to taste. If you like butter chicken, you can't go wrong with this.

Breakfast for Lunch: Smoked Angus Brisket Bennies at Artisan

Smoked Angus Beef Bennies at Artisan

I was looking forward to brunch at Artisan today, and intended to order something specific off the menu. For the second time in a row, I ended up being sidetracked by the special. It was eggs benedict made with smoked Angus beef brisket. The brisket was sliced thin, nicely smoked, and topped with my eggs poached to order on an English muffin (I held the hollandaise). It was served with Artisan's standard sides of grilled potatoes and fruit. Another special for the win!

Chai, Samosa, Dahl Combo at Remedy

Samosas, Chai, and Dahl at Remedy. #yegfood

I stopped in to the Jasper Avenue location of Remedy on Friday to grab a chai and some samosas before heading to film a rally. I decided to get the combo of one large chai, a dhal soup, and two samosas. I have never had the dhal soup before. It has a yellow lentil base, is very spicy, and if it was colder outside, would certainly have defrosted me. Many of the luscious lentils settled at the bottom of the bowl, which made the soup get thicker the further down I got. My samosas were packed with potatoes and spices, but were almost cold by the time my plate got to me. I have a feeling they were sitting while the soup was being prepared. I forgot that the chai would be waiting on the counter, but it was still warm when I finally got up to get it. I was also full for the rest of the day. At $12, this is a combo with value and flavour.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Chicken Vermicelli with Spring Rolls at Pho King

Chicken vermicelli at Pho King #yegfood

An event I was filming this week was right around the corner from Pho King. I ordered the chicken vermicelli with spring rolls (I asked for vegetarian). The bowl was huge - very wide and deep. Two large skewers of perfectly grilled chicken adorned the top, as did a couple of chopped up spring rolls. The noodles were plentiful as was the salad. This was definitely one of the more generous vermicelli bowls, portion-wise, and it tasted excellent.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Fish Bites at Naanolicious

Fish bites at Naanolicious #yegfood

I missed a couple of Saturdays on Whyte due to work/community obligations, but managed to drop by Blues On Whyte for a shirt time this past Saturday. In doing so, I had supper at Naanolicious, my go-to Saturday night place. I tried the fish bites for the first time. Delicate pieces of seasoned white fish were fried in a lentil batter. This was a portion made for sharing, and went well with the accompanied dipping sauce. It was sort of like fusion fish and chips, without the chips. I can see the restaurant preparing a smaller amount of fish, with some curry fries on the side, for a really delicious experience.

Mushroom Calzone at the Italian Centre

Stuffed Mushroom Pizza

I was in need of a quick lunch at the north end Italian Centre last week. On special was a mushroom calzone. The light crust was packed with mushrooms and some mozzarella. It tasted great but was a little dry - it was lacking any sauce on the inside (or something to dip on the outside). Still, a hearty piece of calzone for $5 is a hard bargain to beat.