Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vegetarian Pad Thai at Pho Rice Pot

Vegetarian Pad Thai by raise my voice
Vegetarian Pad Thai, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

Pho Rice Pot (18485 Stony Plain Road) is fast becoming my go-to place in the West End for Asian food.

The vegetarian Pad Thai was a huge portion of chewy noodles, vegetables, and tofu in a spicy sauce. The pieces of tofu were much larger than I have had in the same dish elsewhere (which is a good thing). And while it wasn't orange, the sauce had the same flavour notes as I am accustomed to when it comes to this dish.

Breakfast for Lunch: Smoked Salmon Omelette

Smoked Salmon Omelette by raise my voice
Smoked Salmon Omelette, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

I visited Artisan Resto-Cafe (10732 82 Avenue) today for the first time in ages. Of course, I was most interested in breakfast items.

The smoked salmon, green onion, and dill omelette was my choice. I was concerned that the green onion and dill would overshadow the smoked salmon in flavour, but I was happy to discover that the ingredients were well-balanced. The smoked salmon was definitely the dominant flavour, with the green onion and dill adding accents.

The "grilled pan bread" was basically toast made in a press, while the roasted potatoes were seasoned chunks that were a tad on the dry side but tasty. The fruit on the side was a nice touch.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Breakfast for Lunch: Two Eggs and Potato Pancakes

When the place we wanted to go was too crowded, we ended up here, at an old Albert's Family Restaurant on 51 Avenue and 99 Street.

My two eggs were done perfectly to my specifications. Besides toast and hashbrowns, and regular pancakes, potato pancakes were a side option. They were crispy and delicious. At less than $7, the two egg meal (with no meat) is definitely one of the cheapest things on the menu.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bodhi Burger with Whirling Dervish Quinoa Salad

My first visit to Noorish Cafe was very enlightening. You can feel the artful, New Age vibe as soon as you walk in (there is a yoga studio in there also, as well as a small grocery area).

I had a Bodhi Burger, which is a flavourful patty of sprouted chickpeas and other grains. I loved the ginger drizzle and avocado topping. Besides having a lactose problem, I usually hate cheese and I learned that this applies to the vegan version also, which looked, smelled, and tasted almost like the real thing. As a result I did not touch the top half of the bun.

My Whirling Dervish salad was so delicious, I would come back just to have a full sized portion as a meal. The mix of quinoa, figs, and nuts was incredible.

After having a hard time deciding on a drink, I had some organic blueberry juice, which tasted almost like non-alcohol wine. I would definitely return to try one of the coffee or chai concoctions.

The menu here is a bit pricey. Also, this was my first time trying raw, vegan food and I think it shocked my system in a cleansing way. Maybe I needed it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Coffee Break: Latte at Leva

Latte at Leva by raise my voice
Latte at Leva, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

First of all, I am actually writing this blog right here in the establishment. Never done that before. I feel so stealthy, LOL!

Anyways, I am also at Leva Cappuccino Bar (10653 86 Avenue) for the first time. I had to go out of my way, but it was worth it. This latte is fantastic, albeit with a bit more of a foamy head than I am used to. It is also a bit pricier here - most of the coffee drinks are in the $5 range - but the quality is well worth it. It is a bright space as well, with lots of tables that lend themselves to using a laptop on the free wireless.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi

Vietnamese subs (banh mi) at V Sandwiches may cost a bit more than their competition, but the size and quality of the sandwiches speaks for itself.

I had a lemongrass chicken sub, and it was packed with meat. It also had a lot of cilantro, which really defines the flavour of a banh mi, as far as I am concerned. I held the onions.

Leprechaun Pie

Leprechaun Pie by raise my voice
Leprechaun Pie, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

I don't usually have dessert after having supper out, but this evening I decided to treat myself and my guest to a slice of Leprechaun Pie at the Oliver Square Brewsters.

The mint pie is not overly strong, but sweet and cold (the pie is frozen before serving), with a creamy consistency. The chocolate drizzle and chips offset the mint flavour very well. This is Brewsters signature dessert and it is excellent.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Veggie Sushi Combo

Veggie Sushi Combo by raise my voice
Veggie Sushi Combo, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

Tokyo Express is fast, reasonably priced, and decent. It is acceptable. Which means, the food is nothing special, but good value for the money.

My vegetarian sushi combo is a case in point. It was a satisfying combo of one piece of sweet tofu sushi, four vegetarian rolls, and six avocado maki (it usually comes with cucumber maki, but I asked for avocado). Why the avocado was warm is beyond me, but otherwise everything was fine. A good mid-afternoon snack.

Coffee Break: Mocha at Wild Earth

Mocha at Wild Earth by raise my voice
Mocha at Wild Earth, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

The Laurier Heights location of Wild Earth beckoned on a windy and brisk afternoon while I was doing a photo walk in the area.

My small mocha warmed my body and heart. Served without whipped cream at my request, it was rich and chocolatey, without being overbearingly sweet. Definitely a win.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Gurvinder's Butter Chicken

On Saturday, a small group of us headed to Brewsters for post-rally food and libations.

I finally tried Gurvinder's Butter Chicken, which has been on the menu forever - long before other mainstream restaurants included a butter chicken. I recalled when a group from my former church used to go to Brewsters for lunch after services, and several of them would order it, week after week.

I was not disappointed. The flavours penetrated deep into the many pieces of chicken breast, amongst a rich, creamy sauce. The basmati rice was perfectly cooked, and while not authentic, the garlic naan was perfect for scooping up those last drops of sauce.

This dish went well with my blueberry beer and I would definitely order it again..