Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kaey Wot at Langano Skies

Ethiopian food for supper. #yegfashion

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I love Ethiopian food, even if the spices can sometimes be a bit much for me, so I was delighted to finally try Langano Skies. It's conveniently located next to one of my favourite bars, so after the music was over, this was the supper destination. I ordered something that seemed basic - Kaey Wot, which is tender beef in a spicy sauce, and I opted for brown rice instead of the injera. We also took advantage of an appetizer special, and had the lentil sambusas (which are like samosas, but with a lighter outer shell). Those had a definite "wow factor." I could probably make a meal out of some of the appetizers. The food was incredible, but I will definitely take the spice level into consideration next time and ask the server's advice about something milder. Which should be no problem, because the service here was excellent.

Fish and Chips at Grandin Fish 'n' Chips

Checking out Grandin Fish and Chips - cod was my choice. #yegfood

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I love fish and chips and have heard a lot of hype about Grandin Fish 'n' Chips, so I went here for lunch following an event at the Legislature on a Saturday afternoon. Despite it being an off-hour, the place was packed! You line up and order and pay, and then get a number and try to find a seat (unless you're taking your food to go). I love the decor and the service was good. The menu was also quite extensive as far as a fish and chips place goes: several different kinds of fish, salads, and even a few non-fish options. My main concern was the price. $16 for one piece of fish (I chose cod), which wasn't all that big, is a bit much. The fries were good and the tartar sauce and coleslaw were very fresh, but the sides really filled out the plate. The fish was delicious - flaky and the batter was just right. It wasn't too thick or greasy. I would come here again if I was in the area and my wallet allowed. Maybe I would splurge an extra $5 for one of the other sides (always wanted to try Bubble and Squeak!).

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Pho Files: Vegan Pho at XO Bistro

Vegan pho #yegfood

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I visited XO Bistro on the advice of my brother, who says the vegan pho is excellent. It was. What made the soup was the broth, which is a true vegan broth but has much more flavour than other ones I have encountered. I ordered the small size, which was ample enough for lunch and slightly more expensive than Chinatown (not a surprise, given the location and upscale interior). I especially liked the tofu, which was fried but firm. Definitely deserving of a repeat visit.

Chicken Shawarma Plate at Paramount Lebanese Kitchen

Chicken shawarma plate. #yegfood

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I headed to the new food court in Edmonton City Centre this past week, and tried Paramount Lebanese Kitchen for the first time. I was impressed with the selection and the prices, and had a chicken shawarma plate. The chicken was definitely house-made, served with pickles, pickled turnip, and garlic sauce, and my choice of two sides. I opted for hummus and salad, both of which were fresh and delicious. Good portions and good prices - I'll be back!

Butter Chicken Perogies at Naanolicious

Butter pirogies #yegfood

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One of the few things I have not tried at Naanolicious are the perogies in butter chicken sauce. Talk about fusion - the perogies were fried to perfection, covered in the rich sauce. This is not something I would want every day, but it was delicious.