Thursday, February 26, 2015

More Brisket at MEAT

Bourbon, beans, and brisket. #yegfood

I was planning a return visit to MEAT since I went there for the first time over the weekend, but did not realize the opportunity would arise so quickly. Earlier this week I had supper there, and as I already decided, had the half pound of brisket with a small side of vegetarian baked beans. The meat was divine. I did not even need a fork to cut it. The beans were also excellent in texture and flavour in a rich, tomato sauce with beans that were firm - sort of like the bean equivalent to al dente pasta. However, the beans were also loaded with jalapenos and as such, were extremely spicy. Even with half the amount of jalapenos, it would have out my mouth on fire. It was spicier than the spicy barbecue sauce (which I quite liked). I have more plans to try menu items at MEAT, but I am thinking I may skip the side and just order more meat.

Roast Beef Sandwich at Culina Muttart

Roast beef sandwich #yegfood

The Muttart Conservatory is one of my favourite Edmonton attractions. My visit there this week started with lunch at Culina. I had a roast beef sandwich with the house salad. The sandwich was divine on a fresh baguette with real roast beef that was served slightly warm with mustard. I asked to have the cheddar held. The salad was a star on the plate unto itself with slightly pickled vegetables, almonds, dried cranberries, and greens. I held the feta. It looked as beautiful as it tasted and would consider ordering the salad as a meal.

Sizzling Paneer Wraps at Naanolicious

Sizzling paneer wraps #yegfood

These sizzling paneer wraps at Naanolicious were listed under the Lighter Fare section of the menu, but it was a hearty serving of paneer which sizzled, as promised. It was amongst some cabbage and other veggies like a paneer stir fry, topped with some crunchy noodles. I ordered some naan bread and declined the lettuce wrappers. If you like paneer, this is enough to satisfy and also enough to share.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Breakfast for Lunch: Pacific Omelette at Friends and Neighbours

Lunch at last! #yegfood

Friends and Neighbours (10834 82 Avenue) is easily one of my favourite cafes on Whyte Avenue. The Pacific omelette is one reason why. It had at least three eggs and was loaded with smoked salmon and spinach. It also comes with Swiss cheese, which I held. Add toast and house made hash browns and you really can't go wrong.

Brisket Sandwich at MEAT

Brisket sandwich #yegfood

I finally had the chance to try MEAT over the weekend. The place certainly lives up to its name as the menu features a variety of meat from brisket to chicken to ribs, and even fried chicken and sausage. I went for the brisket sandwich. The fresh baguette was piled high with pulled brisket which was smoked to perfection. It was literally melting in my mouth. However, I did not particularly care for the horseradish dressing and would have much preferred one of the four barbecue sauces made in-house. I liked the cherry the best, while the mustard had a nice kick to it. I skipped the spicy one, knowing it would probably blow the roof of my mouth off. The sandwich came with a side of garlic fries, and next time I would definitely ask for them plain. They are VERY strong after having been tossed in garlic oil. Or, I would try one of the many other sides such as beans, coleslaw, or yam mash. I love the rustic wood that dominates the decor and there is a nice bar area (where I sat). I even tried bourbon for the first time. The bartender was very helpful in my choice and I found that bourbon goes very well with brisket. I will definitely return, but I think next time I will go for one of the orders of meat with a side, rather than a sandwich.

Vegging Out: Sweet and Sour Nuggets at Padmanadi

Sweet and sour chicken nuggets #yegfood

A business lunch brought me to Padmanadi last week. I had the sweet and sour chicken nuggets, one of the lunch specials that comes with rice, spring rolls, one lemon shrimp, soup, and tea. The nuggets were small bullets of Padmanadi's delicious vegan chicken in the sweet and sour sauce that my favourite vegan shrimp dish comes with. There was plenty of sauce for the rice. Very filling for $12.95.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Breakfast for Lunch: Tofu Scramble at Cafe Mosaics

Tofu scramble #yegfood

Although I have reviewed this dish before, Cafe Mosaics has undergone a physical renovation and so has its menu. The tofu scramble is still loaded with vegetables and comes with the same delicious roasted potatoes as before, but now also comes with veggie candied bacon and toast with avocado spread on it. I was not as much of a fan of the candied bacon as I thought I would be - it was at once sweet and savoury but lacked the bacon flavour of other veggie bacons I have had. Still, this is a colourful, flavourful dish that has always been my go-to meal at Mosaics. I don't see that changing.

Dinner at Earl's

Bread. And something to dip it in. #yegfood

I took a business colleague out to dinner this week at the 170 Street location of Earls'. I started off with a half order of pan bread with an olive oil/balsamic vinegar dip. It was a light, yet flavourful way to begin the meal. To drink, I had one of the featured craft sodas. Not too sweet, mine had a lemongrass base with lime soda and some orange.

Thai veggie bowl with chicken. #yegfood

For my main I had the Thai veggie bowl and added chicken for an additional $4.50. I have had this before, but with tofu as the protein. The lemongrass sauce had more of a kick than I remembered, and the combination of vegetables, chicken, and quinoa was very filling.

Just Desserts: Mud Pie at Brewsters

Mud pie #yegfood

The desserts at Brewsters are so huge, that it took me as long to eat my piece of Mud Pie as it took the other person I was with to finish a meal. The Mud Pie is a huge hunk of expresso flake ice cream in a chocolate graham cracker crust - simple, yet decadent. And yes, I drank beer with it. Beer goes with everything.

Fish and Chips - Indian Style

Fish and chips, Indian style. #yegfood

I have to start this off by admitting that this dish was my idea. I suggested to the owner of Naanolicious that she offer a fish and chips made up of her delicious, crispy white fish pakoras, Bombay roasted potatoes, and cauliflower salad. All things already on the menu in different places, but brought together for a perfect fusion of a dish that everyone is familiar with, especially the bar patrons next door. The portion was huge and it was fish and chips like I have never tasted anywhere else. However, it is not on the main menu - yet. Ask for it.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Just Desserts: Carrot Cake at Zocalo

Here for a meeting - and dessert. #yegfood

A friend of mine needed some photos taken for her social media profile, and figured a good way to get me to do a favour for her was to get me coffee and dessert at Zocalo. She knows me well. I had a slice of carrot cake because it is her favourite, and I wanted to try it for myself. The cake was moist and full of fruit and nuts, covered in a decadent cream cheese icing. I can definitely see why she is such a big fan.

Vegging Out: Supper at Padmanadi

Padmanadi #yegfood

A daddy-daughter date brought us to Padmanadi a few nights ago. My father tried the curry mutton, and although he enjoyed the simulated meat, he did not enjoy the yellow coconut curry sauce. I guess it may be an acquired taste. I had my favourite sweet and sour shrimp, which he found too greasy, and a order of rice noodles: thick noodles with a variety of shredded vegetables. The smoky taste reminded me of chow fun without the grease and was actually my favourite part of the meal.

Breakfast for Lunch: Country Fried Steak and Eggs at Denny's

Breakfast time #yegfood

When one has not eaten in a while and really wants desperate, one may settle for anything. Which is why we headed to the 104th Avenue location of Denny's earlier this week. The country fried steak and eggs was filling, but flawed. There is too much pepper in the coating of the meat. The "rye" toast really did not taste like rye at all. And the hash browns just plain tasted weird (and were not done enough - what is it with serving hash browns that are almost raw?). Oh well. Not every meal can be a winner.

Mushroom Soup at Zocalo

Lunch time #yegfood

I have been having lunch and snacks at Zocalo more often, since it is conveniently located near work. The bagel and smoked salmon is my favourite sandwich there and one of the only times I eat cream cheese. I have not tried many of Zocalo's soups, but went for the cream of mushroom because that is my favourite. Zocalo's take on it is rich and creamy, with just a hint of garlic. And, lots of mushrooms. Excellent cold weather comfort.

Breakfast for Lunch: Steak and Eggs at Ricky's

Breakfast for supper #yegfood

I don't often have supper with my father and brother, so I let them pick the place: the west end location of Ricky's. This meal was more like breakfast for supper. Steak and eggs is one of the items on the diner's all day breakfast menu. My steak was done perfectly to my order, served with two eggs (also to order), toast, and hash browns. The hash browns could have been a little more well done. Still, it was a filling, comforting meal.

Fried Chicken at Urban Diner

Comfort food #yegfood

I love comfort food, and few things I find more comforting than fried chicken. Yesterday evening I went to Urban Diner on the south side to have supper before an event, and had the fried chicken dinner. Three large pieces of chicken were presented to me in a crunchy coating that was not to greasy, on top of a mountain of diner fries: thin, crispy, and tasting from pepper, salt, and vinegar. Some of the chicken could have been juicier on the inside, but the large white piece was surprisingly the most juicy. The chicken gravy on the side went well with the fries.