Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Just Desserts: Savarin Cake at La Mademoiselle

Savarin cake and Americano #yegfood

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A friend of mine is absolutely in love with La Mademoiselle Marvelous Pastries and Cafe, and treated me to coffee and dessert there a few weeks ago. After trying it for myself, I can see why he is enamoured with the place. First of all, the Americano I had was incredible, and I could not get over how adorable the cup and spoon were. My Savarin cake was the best rum cake I have ever had, moist and soaking with boozy flavour. The cream in the middle and on top added a richness that almost overcame me. This was definitely a splurge of decadence that is well worth seeking the place out.

Two Selections from Molly's Eats

Chickpea curry sandwich from @mollys_eats #yegfood

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While at the Edmonton Blues Festival this past weekend, I enjoyed some food from Molly's Eats for the first time. My first treat was a chickpea curry sandwich with mango and cucumber chutneys. The filling was substantial, vegan, and not too spicy. The mango and cucumber gave a delicious freshness, and it was served between two small pieces of naan. This was definitely a "fork sandwich." It was one of the best food truck offerings I have experienced.

Beef wrap from @mollys_eats #yegfood

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The next day, I had a wrap with beef, soy sauce, Japanese mayo, and fresh kale. The tortilla was stuffed to the max with the flavourful braised beef. It was filling and messy to eat. Next time, I will ask for a fork!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lentil and Black Bean Falafel at The Next Act

Falafel #yegfood

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Getting a seat at The Next Act is next to impossible on busy Saturdays, but I got lucky a couple of weeks ago. I wanted something vegetarian and the lentil and black bean falafel jumped out at me. Three huge pieces of falafel with the unique flavours and textures of black beans and lentils were still recognizable of falafel in taste. The baguette also had pickled beets, tomato slices, arugula, and hummus. The tomatoes added moisture, the arugula a hint of bitterness, and the hummus authenticity. This was a unique and filling alternative to a veggie burger.