Saturday, January 16, 2016

Beef Wrap at Naanolicious

Beef wrap with masala fries @naanolicious #yegfood I tried one of the wraps on the new Naanolicious menu for supper tonight - the beef one, to be precise. The beef curry was wrapped with some of Naanolcious' signature cabbage salad in a plain naan, cut into two easy-to-hold pieces, each wrapped in foil. The wrap was well-filled, and came with a side of masala fries. This is a perfect portion for lunch or a small supper, and at $13.95, is one of the most economical choices on the menu.

Just Desserts: Sicilian Cassata Cake at Block 1912

My once a month or so treat at @block1912 #yegfood

When I am in the mood for a sweet treat on a Saturday afternoon, I usually head to Block 1912 like I did today. To go with my coffee, I had a piece of Sicilian Cassata cake. Block 1912's take on this dessert, which is an Italian fruitcake, is to have a top layer of chocolate cake between two layers of ganache. Underneath the chocolate ganache sandwich is a thick layer of cheesecake mixed with chocolate chips (just in case the top layer did not provide enough chocolate) and preserved fruits. The bottom, thin layer is an intense lemon cake. The mixture of the sweet chocolate, creamy cheesecake, and almost sour lemon is quite the taste bud combination. And, like most of the desserts at Block 1912, I could not finish it.

Breakfast for Lunch: Huevos Rancheros at The Next Act

Huevos, sans cheese #yegfood

I managed to get a seat at The Next Act for brunch this afternoon - a rare feat on a Saturday. I ordered the huevos rancheros, without cheese. Two eggs done sunny-side up were topped with salsa and guacamole, atop a generous bed of refried beans and corm tortillas. An even more generous portion of seasoned hash browns was on the side. I really enjoyed the flavour and texture combination in this filling meal. The salsa was not spicy - hot sauce is served on the side as well for those who like to kick things up a bit more.

Coffee Break: Vanilla Chai at Naanolicious

Vanilla chai #yegfood @naanolicious

Vanilla is the chai flavour of the month for January at Naanolicious. I didn't find it too sweet - it had just enough vanilla to enhance the milky, black tea.

Meatloaf at Devaney's

Meatloaf #yegfood

I had supper recently at Devaney's when I had an event to film directly across the street at the Telus Centre a week or so ago. I had the meatloaf: two thick slices of straight-ahead beef and seasonings. It was simple, but flavourful. The carrot and pea vegetable mixture I think was frozen but revived with some butter, and the mashed potatoes were blazingly hot - like, they had been microwaved or something. The meat was definitely the best part of the dish, but the sadder sides would deter me from ordering it again.

Thali Box at Naanolicious

Thali box #yegfood @naanolicious #yegfood

The new Thali Box lunch at Naanolicious could be Whyte Avenue's best-kept dining secret. Served only until 2 p.m., this is like the East Indian version of a Bento Box, and features rice, naan bread, a chicken dish, a vegetarian dish, and salad. The specific dishes are the chef's choosing, so you're getting both a surprise and something like a buffet - but brought directly to your table, and always fresh. My Thali Box had rich butter chicken, a lentil dish which was superb, saffron rice, a cucumber-yogurt salad, a shredded cabbage salad, and garlic naan. At only $16.95 the price point is excellent for the amount of food you're getting. It's not on the menu - you have to ask for it, and you'll be glad you did.

Tandoori Fried Chicken at Naanolicious

Tandoori fried chicken - new on the menu @naanolicious #yegfood

One of my favourite additions to the new menu at Naanolicious is the Tandoori Fried Chicken. Instead of being finished on the grill, the marinated chicken is plunged into the fryer. It is not breaded - the outside spices and skin crisp up while the inside stays moist. Served with masala-seasoned fries, this is a very comforting and filling meal.