Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Salad Drink and Tamales at Mamenche's

Salad Drink

I had a working lunch at Mamenche's this week and tried a beverage called a salad drink. As soon as it was served to me I knew why it was called that. It was an actual fruit salad floating atop a sea of fresh fruit juice. The fruit was also adorned with cilantro. It was refreshing and felt like summer in a glass.

Chicken Tamales

I have never before had a tamale. I ordered two chicken tamales and was absolutely impressed. Loads of marinated chicken, potatoes, and chickpeas were encased in corn. They were steamed in banana leaves, and fork tender. A couple of these were literally enough for a light lunch on their own.

Breakfast for Lunch: Diner Hash at Urban Diner

Diner Hash

Last month I was out early on a Sunday morning on a filming assignment, and followed it up with brunch at the south side location of Urban Diner. I had been longing to try the Diner Hash, and finally got my wish. The bits of corned beef was generously dispersed amongst hash browns, accented with chopped leeks. Adorning the top were two perfectly medium poached eggs, and a large slab of multi grain toast finished it off. The portion kept me going for the rest of the day on to my next assignment. It was a busy day.