Sunday, November 26, 2017

Steak Frites at The Almanac

Last night’s steak frites. For blogging purposes. #yeg #yegfood #yegeats #foodporn

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I was at The Almanac Saturday night for a music show, and figured I may as well have dinner while I was there. It's a small menu and I went with something familiar: steak frites. I ordered my flat iron steak medium well, and it was perfectly done atop a mountain of fries, with a garlic aioli on the side (as well as ketchup). There is a butter that the steak is finished in, but I asked for it not to be used in my case, due to my issues with dairy. There is really no going wrong with this dish, and at $18, it is actually one of the less expensive items on the menu.

Just Desserts: Nutella Creme Brulee at Block 1912

Nutella crème brûlée and espresso. #yeg #yegfood #yegeats #foodporn

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Block 1912 is a regular haunt of mine on Saturdays. I had a craving for dessert, so headed here for espresso and a Nutella creme brulee. I was tempted to try one, even though I have never been a huge creme brulee fan, after seeing an episode of the Baker Sisters where the women visit Block 1912 and owner Jorel shows how it is made (on the show, it is referred to as "hazelnut chocolate creme brulee, likely because of the fact Nutella is a trade name and this was not a commercial for it). First of all, I love Nutella, so the creamy, chocolatey filling was decadent and rich to my tastebuds. The use of caramel on top worked so well because it hardened into candy. As pointed out on the show, sugar is generally used in this dessert, which ends up getting a burned taste that I personally find sickening. However, this dessert was perfection and I am already craving more.

Breakfast for Lunch: Big Beer Breakfast at Situation Brewing

Big Beer Breakfast (with beef) #yegfood #yegeats #foodporn

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Saturdays for me often means brunch, and this weekend I headed back to Situation Brewing. I opted for the Big Beer Breakfast: two eggs any way, hash browns, toast, and my choice of bacon or beef sausage. I chose the latter: two thick, juicy sausages that went well with the rest of the dish. It's not an overwhelmingly huge portion as the name of the dish implies, but it's got pretty much all of the elements of a hearty breakfast.

Soup and Sandwich at Homesteader's Kitchen

Egg salad sandwich and borscht - Saturday’s lunch. #yegfood #mystonyplain #yegeats #foodporn

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I gave a presentation at the Multicultural Heritage Centre in Stony Plain last weekend, and afterwards had lunch at their Homesteader's Kitchen. The menu items are prepared from local ingredients, and the prices are incredible. I had an egg salad sandwich, which was on thick white break. The egg salad was prepared with dill and vegetables, and on its own would have been filling enough. However, I had the borscht on the side, which was a creamy, garlicky broth with beets, carrots, and other seasonings. I actually have never had hot borscht before, and this was a pleasant introduction. If and when I am back in Stony Plain, I will definitely head here for lunch.