Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Hummus at The Cask and Barrel

Hummus. #yegfood #yeg #yegeats #foodporn

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I often go to the Cask and Barrel to catch some live music, and the last time I was there I got hungry. So, I ordered The Hummus. Meant to be shared, the extremely dense, flavour-packed dip was served with sliced carrots, celery, and cucumber, as well as warm, grilled naan bread. One of my friends said that this was unlike any other hummus she had ever had (in a good way), and she was right.

The Penelope Pizza at Rebel Food and Drink

“The Penelope” pizza. #yegfood #yeg #yegeats #foodporn

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There is almost a dining out desert in part of the west end, so I was excited to see Rebel Food and Drink finally open. Rebel is casual but upscale. Likely because it was so new, it was extremely crowded. The tables are rather close together, making walking to and from a bit awkward. As well, the high volume of music combined with the high level of ceiling made for a noisy experience. All of the drinks are on one side of the menu, with food on the other, and the type is small to read in the dark-ish light. That said, the service was great despite it being so busy. During "Anarchy Hour" (what the restaurant called Happy Hour), all shareables and pizzas are $10. This is an excellent value considering most of the entrees run in the $16-$30 range (some even higher). I had The Penelope pizza, with was 12 inches of mozzarella, smoked salmon, capers, red onion, and sprigs of dill. It was a white pizza with excellent flavour. I paired it with the Rebel's own lager, which was on for $5.

Original Combo at SFC Seoul Fried Chicken

I have been meaning to try SFC Seoul Fried Chicken for so long, I was thinking I was never going to actually make it there. Fortunately, I got there a little before the holidays, and tried a one-person combo featuring the original recipe of fried chicken, the "potato" slaw as my salad, and a corn fritter as my other side (fries would have been the other option). First of all, the chicken is amazing - so crunchy on the outside, without being too greasy, and moist as anything on the inside. The slaw was something special: shredded potato, cabbage, and yam in black sesame dressing. It was easily the most substantial slaw I have ever had. The fritter really surprised me. It was just one lone ball in a cup with sweet corn milk. I didn't miss fries at all. And at about $12, it was good value.