Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Vegging Out: Quinoa Black Bean Soup and Fries at Sailin' On

Quinoa black bean soup #yegfood

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I was performing at the Earth Day Festival over the weekend, with food provided by vegan food truck Sailin' On. The weather was quite damp and chilly, so after my first setI warmed myself up with a bowl of quinoa black bean soup. The quinoa made it very thick and hearty, with a bit of spice and a colourful topping of tomatoes and avocado. It really hit the spot.

Sailin' On fries #yegfood

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A little later in the afternoon after I played another set, I had an order of plain fries (they come plain or with a couple of different toppings). The freshly cut fries were not too greasy, enhanced with coarse salt, and delicious. I've never had fries from Sailin' On before, and I can see (and taste) why they are so popular.

Just Desserts: Creme Caramel at Block 1912

Creme caramel and espresso #yegfood

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It's Passover, so my diet is rather restricted when it comes to cakes and cookies! But I was at Block 1912 a few days ago and really craved something sweet. I had the delightfully gluten-free creme caramel with my espresso, a firmly shaped pudding of sweetness. I don't usually order this anywhere because I tend to find it too sweet. Here, it was definitely sweet, but not cloying. There were undertones of vanilla, and it wasn't too rich either. Highly recommended, especially for the gluten free crowd.

Chicken Souvlaki at Urban Greek

Chicken souvlaki #yegfood

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I am often in the area of City Centre, and wanted to try Urban Greek on the recommendation of a friend. However, whenever I am around the line up is so long that I don't have time to wait. Until last week - I was able to quickly place an order and get one of the few tables available. I had the chicken souvlaki entree, which came with two sides. I chose rice pilaf and Greek potatoes. The rice was nicely done with vegetables, but the roasted potatoes ruled the plate: perfectly cooked with garlic tzatziki sauce on top. The one skewer of chicken was densely packed and seasoned to perfection, with yet more tzatziki on the side for dipping. Fast, reasonably priced, and delicious - I will be back, if I can beat the line up!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chicken Schnitzel at Kafana

Chicken schnitzel #yegfood

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I found out that on Sundays, Balkan restaurant Kafana has a special: chicken schnitzel. As I was in the area this past Sunday for an event, and Kafana was almost right across the street from where I needed to be, dining there just made sense. And yes, I went for the schnitzel as it would be a rare opportunity for me to try it. The large chicken breast was pounded thin and coated in a crunchy breading which was not greasy at all. The meat inside was moist and flavourful. I opted for baby potatoes as my side, since Kafana roasts them really well. If I am in the area on a Sunday again, I want a repeat!

Smoked Tofu Sandwich at Block 1912

Smoked tofu sandwich #yegfood

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A Saturday lunch meeting on Whyte Avenue brought me to Block 1912. I decided to try something from their new sandwich menu. The smoked tofu sandwich was a nice size, on a fresh bun. I loved the smokiness of the tofu, which my companion said resembled liver pate. The dried kale and sprinkling of ramen noodles added crunch and a nutty flavour, while the peanut sauce was rather nondescript. The sandwich was a very interesting combination of flavours and definitely unique.

Smoked Meat Sandwich at Sandwich and Sons

Smoked meat sandwich #yegfood

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After hearing about the deli-style sandwiches at Sandwich and Sons, and finding out that a new location was open on 104 Street, I had to go taste for myself. I chose the smoked meat from the selection of about a half dozen different sandwiches. The warm, smoked brisket was piled high on rye bread, with grainy mustard (house made and not too hot) and sauerkraut (also house made and not overpowering at all). It was delicious! The sandwich was served with a side of house made potato chips and a pickle (you guessed it - house made. Is anything here NOT house made?). Nice little place, reasonable prices, and huge sandwiches that are incredible creations. I will be back!

Fish and Chips at The Courtyard

Fish and chips #yegfood

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While at a conference a couple of weekends ago, I went to The Courtyard as it is conveniently located next to the Shaw Conference Centre. My late lunch/early supper was the fish and chips: a huge piece of battered cod with a generous portion of fries, served with a tiny amount of coleslaw (I wish there was more - it was very fresh and tasty), and some ketchup and malt vinegar. You can't really go wrong here. The fake newspaper it was served on was a bit cheesy, but hey - sometimes we need some cheese with our fish and chips.

Coffee Break: Chai Latte at Credo

Chai latte comfort #yeg

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When I visit Credo Coffee, I usually order a coffee or latte. However, when my stomach is not cooperating, tea is a better option. Last week, I had a chai latte at Credo for the first time. It was very smooth, creamy, and warm - very comforting. The spicy tea flavour was not terribly strong - it read more like black tea with a but of an extra bite - but it was still a very pleasant drink.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Just Desserts: Chocolate Toffee Torte and Corn Loaf at Block 1912

Chocolate toffee torte and corn loaf. #yegfood

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While having coffee and dessert at Block 1912 a couple of weeks ago, I opted for something lighter - a small loaf of corn bread, which was heated for me. It had just the right amount of sweetness, and quite a buttery finish - I am not sure if butter was added to the exterior when it was heated, but it was definitely there. I tried a forkful of the chocolate coffee torte at the other side of the table, and found it rich with a definite taste of caramel amidst the sea of chocolate.

Butter Paneer Poutine at Naanolicious

Butter paneer poutine #yegfood

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One of the favourite menu items at Naanolicious is the selection of poutines. You can get fries with butter or curry sauce, or you can add meat or paneer. I added paneer to my butter sauce, and the result was a rich, decadent treat. The fries carried the sauce quite well, and were literally soaked in buttery goodness. I could only finish about half because it was so rich. Fortunately, Naanolicious has take-out containers!