Sunday, July 16, 2017

Breakfast for Lunch: Smoked Meat Scrambler at Jay Bee's

Smoked meat scrambler #yegfood #eatalberta150

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I had my first experience ay Jay Bee's (3633 188 Avenue) this past weekend, as the person I was with told me his workmates recommended the place highly. This is a diner with all of the things you would expect to find on the menu: breakfast, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, and traditional mains like fish and chips and hot turkey. Some of the breakfast offerings are quite unique for this sort of establishment, like the option of beef sausages and turkey bacon with your eggs. I had one of the "scrambles" with smoked meat. It was more like a flat omelette that was so huge, it covered the plate. Underneath was a bagel which was very fresh and actually tasted like a bagel (as opposed to some places where bagels just taste like bread in a round shape), and hash browns. The server said they were going to be cubes, but they were small strings that were a bit greasy, and a bit overcooked in places, but then again this is a "greasy spoon" sort of place. My eggs tasted heavily from the smoked meat, as it should have, and the onions were sweet and cooked. I held the marble cheese that would also have been a part of the dish. I was totally stuffed at the end, and the dish was less than $15. The place was clean, spacious, and the service was good - my server went back to the kitchen several times to get answers to my questions. I will definitely be back if I am in Beverly, and I hope future visits will live up to this one.

Quarter Chicken Plate at Fired Up BBQ

Quarter chicken, potato salad, beans, and corn bread. #yegfood #bbq

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I haven't been to Fired Up BBQ in a while, so when the opportunity came up this past week to go there for lunch, I grabbed it. I decided to try the chicken for the first time. My quarter chicken was tender and full of smoked flavour. I can't really say much else about it other than it was excellent. For my three sides I chose the bean medley, potato salad, and corn bread. I think corn bread goes really well with chicken. A hearty lunch overall.

Blueberry Smoothie at My Tea

Blueberry bubble tea smoothie. #yegfood

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I love bubble tea, as anyone who knows me is aware. I have passed My Tea (10728 82 Avenue) countless times on my Whyte Avenue journies. Last weekend, during the Art Walk, it was so hot out that I just had to stop in and get some bubble tea. It's a very small, clean place with a solid menu of different kinds of hot teas, and cold bubble teas made with fresh fruit or as smoothies with milk. I had a blueberry smoothie and it was fantastic. It had an abundant blueberry flavour and the ice did not separate from the juice as it often does with these kinds of drinks. Love, love, love - I will be back!

The Pho Files: Pho Boy

Eating hot pho on a hot day. #yegfood #yegpho

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I stopped in for lunch at Pho Boy during the Art Walk. It is a lovely place with lots of indoor and outdoor seating. The service was fantastic. I found the menu to be unique, as you can choose your broth and up to three toppings. I had beef broth with steak, flank, and chicken. The broth was rich and deep, and there was plenty of meat and noodles for the regular-sized portion ($10 - reasonable). The chicken was especially good - very tender and fresh, not chewy at all. My only beef (pun intended) is that for the vegetarian choices, it would be nice to have a protein choice like tofu - not just vegetables.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Bubble Tea at Gong Cha

Bubble tea on a hot day. #yegfood #eatalberta150

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I love bubble tea - I got hooked on it from hanging out in Chinatown. So, when a bubble tea place opened up on my favourite block on Whyte Avenue, I was very happy. Gong Cha features a variety of bubble teas, coffees, and other drinks in Taiwanese style. Most of the drinks are tea or coffee-based - there isn't the fresh fruit variety found at other places - with a few seasonal or very regional ingredients (red beans, grass jelly, winter melon). The focus here is on the toppings, from the traditional sago balls to pudding to milk foam. You pick your flavour and topping(s), as well as how much ice and sugar you want. Most drinks come in two sizes, and range $5-$6. The drinks are made to order, cold, and refreshing. Hot drinks are also available. I like basic coffee and tea milk, and love that you can choose black tea or Earl Grey. I have a feeling I will work my way through the menu over the summer.

Chicken Kebabs at Kebab Express

Chicken shish kebab combo. #yegfood #eatalberta150

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I was at the Blues On Whyte Block party this past weekend, and had Sunday evening supper at Kebab Express (10355 82 Avenue). The seating allowed me to enjoy my meal while still having a clear view of the street stage. I had the chicken kebab combo platter. The chunks of chicken breast meat were grilled to perfection. They were served on a bed of white rice that had a slightly salty flavour, almost like butter. A small side of salad added some lightness to the plate. Of course, there was pita bread and a yogurt dip (I was expecting garlic, but this was very light and refreshing). At close to $18 it was not cheap and the portion was not huge, but it really hit the spot.

Breakfast for Lunch: Gravlax Bennies at Situation Brewing

Gravlax waffle bennies for brunch. #yegfood #eatalberta150

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I had brunch at Situation Brewing a couple of Saturdays ago. While I don't normally go for Eggs Benedict, I made an exception. I had the gravlax, which is a smoked salmon with curing that is heavy on dill and other seasonings. It was served on two fresh-made Belgian waffles, with pickled vegetables, eggs, and lots of capers. I held the cream cheese but had the hollandaise, which I normally don't care for, but it was fresh and fantastic! The side of fruit added some lightness and colour to the plate. I found the pickled vegetables a little dominating, but I loved that there were lots of capers. The buttery, sweet waffles provided a good counterpoint flavour-wise to what was otherwise a very savoury dish.

Eggplant Curry at Panda Hut Express

While in the west end needing lunch and craving Chinese food, my friend and I went to