Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Press'd - The Bird

The Bird by raise my voice
The Bird, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

I dropped in to the newest location of Press'd on Jasper Avenue and 112 Street this afternoon for a quick late lunch. I was already familiar with Press'd's wide selection of sandwiches, served as a half or whole (which translations to "huge" and "even bigger") on one's choice of bread.

I opted for the familiar: a half Bird with smoked turkey, avocado, sprouts, and mayo on whole wheat bread. I held the cream cheese. I find Press'd's sandwiches to be very flavourful, filling, and very well-priced. You won't do much better pricewise at Subway, and these taste way better (as in, the turkey actually has a flavour).

Press'd is a great choice for a quick lunch on a budget.

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