Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Folk Fest #7: Yam and Salmon Onigiri

Food - EFMF 2011 by raise my voice
Food - EFMF 2011, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

Onigiri is a Japanese rice cake sandwich. The fillings are placed at the centre of the rice cake (which is not the dry, flavourless variety but is a ball of fresh rice) and wrapped in seaweed. The Onigiri Company, from Calgary, presented these delicious little morsels at the Folk Fest.

I tried the yam and salmon variety. The flavours blended together beautifully. I used a fork to eat it - I can't quite imagine picking up the sandwich over the seaweed layer and it not falling apart in my hands - and it was the perfect size for a snack. The operative word here, is "snack." I would need to eat two or three of these to make it a meal. However, they were less than $4, making having more than one economical if had chosen to do that.

I hope to see onigiri in Edmonton again some time soon.

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