Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ichiban - Avocado Maki & Sushi, and Smoked Salmon

Ichiban is tucked away in a west end strip mall along 149 street and 88 Avenue, yet people flock there from all over the city. The prices, selection, and service make it one of the best Japanese restaurants in Edmonton.

I come here regularly either for a bento box or sushi. They have a good selection of vegetarian sushi or sushi with cooked fish or meat (I am not much into raw food).

As a light supper, I ordered a roll of avocado maki, and an order of avocado sushi and smoked salmon sushi. It hit the spot on a hot evening. I like avocado in just about anything, and it goes well in sushi with the rice and tempura crumbs. Smoked salmon on rice also tastes like a natural combination.

The restaurant was very busy - all the tables were going and people were waiting in the lobby - so service seemed a bit rushed. However, this is still my favourite place to go for sushi.

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