Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Curry Veggie Steak with Rice: Fo Guang Tea House

Anyone who loves vegetarian cuisine and is on a budget should head to the Fo Guang Tea House. It is located in the basement of the International Buddhist Progress Society on 103 Street and 103 Avenue (the northeast corner of the Revillon Building).

From Tuesday to Friday, you can pick one item from the menu for only $5. Service is quick, and comes with tea and an amuse bouche.

I went for the curry veggie steak with rice. At first I was told they were sold out (amongst other menu items) so I ordered something else. Imagine my surprise when my server brought me a plate filled with rice, curried potatoes, carrots, and something else that tasted like the sea, and a small piece of breaded veggie steak. Apparently, there was one order left.

The curry was light and not too spicy, and mixed well with the rice. The steak was in a gravy, possibly mushroom-based, but was cold. That was odd, since everything else on the plate was piping hot. However, since the meals are prepared and served by volunteers, I can easily forgive this. I would offer the constructive criticism of making sure the temperatures of everything are even.

Alongside was a small bowl of cabbage soup, which was a pleasant addition. The dining area is very clean, and was still buzzing at 1:30 (hours are 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.).

Menu items include lots of rice, vegetables, tofu, and imitation meats. You don't have to be Buddhist to enjoy the meals!

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