Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Folk Fest 2011 #5: Rock Creek Cider

Food - EFMF 2011 by raise my voice
Food - EFMF 2011, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

The lineups for the beer garden on Saturday were so long, I decided not to even try to get in. Blame it on the hot afternoon, but it seemed like a large portion of the crowd was craving beer. Sunday was a different story. Cloudy skies and a cool breeze made for no lineups at all. I ventured in and bought a drink ticket.

I opted for cider instead of beer. Cider is a recent discovery of mine, having tried Strongbow and found it a refreshing alternative to beer. After trying several other brands, both imported and domestic, Strongbow has remained my favourite.

Rock Creek Dry Cider is a product of Calgary-based Big Rock Beer Company. I found it slightly less dry than Strongbow and just as refreshing. It is probably the best domestic cider I have tasted thus far.

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