Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Folk Fest 2011 #4: Turkey Sausage

Food - EFMF 2011 by raise my voice
Food - EFMF 2011, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

Fat Franks was the one vendor I visited twice during the weekend. First, I had a veggie hot dog, which is nothing new to me. While I was paying, I noticed a new addition on their menu - turkey sausage. Fat Franks has had other kinds of sausages for a while, but being a non-pork eater for religious reasons, I have never tried them. This one, I could.

The next day, I ventured up to the Fat Franks stand and ordered a turkey sausage. I was told it had been a hot seller, despite being a new product. After my first bite, I could tell (or taste, as the case may be) why. The skin was perfectly crispy, with juicy turkey within. It was not spicy in the least bit, and much thicker and a bit longer than their Jumbo Dog. It was a lot of meat. It was also not cheap, at $6, but sometimes festival prices are inflated. I am going to definitely order another one of these on the street and see if it lives up to this first one.

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