Thursday, July 3, 2014

Vegging Out: Vegan Lemongrass Tofu Quinoa Bowl

Vegan Tofu Lemongrass Bowl

Supper on a patio in the summer can be really delightful, especially when sharing the experience with a friend. Such was the case a couple of weeks ago when I ended up at the campus location of Earl's. I ordered a vegan bowl with tofu and a variety of vegetables atop a bed of quinoa, served with a lemongrass sauce. Although the portion seemed skimpy at first, there was more than met the eye. The vegetables were cooked perfectly, although the onions, stated on the menu as "crunchy," were actually caramelized, not fried. The sauce really completed the dish, and I loved how it was served to the side so the customer could control the amount (I can imagine it being overpowering for some, but I ended up using all of it). A perfect summer dish!

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