Monday, July 14, 2014

All Happy

Garlic Fried Rice

One of the few restaurants in the Chinatown area I had not yet tried was All Happy. I had supper there with a co-worker a few weeks ago. My friend ordered the garlic fried rice. I tried a little and it lived up to its name. Tiny bits of fried garlic were in every bite. It was too much for me, but she really liked it.

Hong King Iced Tea

I definitely needed something to drink at this point, so I had the Hong Kong iced tea. It was strong and milky, just as it should have been.

Onion Cake

I had to try the green onion cake, and was not disappointed. It was crunchy and satisfying.

Beef Chow Fun

My main course was the beef chow fun. This is a beef stir fry with thick rice noodles and bean sprouts. It had a very deep, meaty flavour although the beef was not of the greatest quality. The portion size was very large and I was quite full after. However, a short while later, despite the name of the restaurant, I wasn't very happy. My unhappiness lingered into the next day. If I do visit again, I think I would make a different menu choice and eat less.

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