Monday, November 6, 2017

Soups at Rice Bowl Deluxe

Trying out the new Rice Bowl Deluxe in the west end, and thought the pho was fab. #yeg #yegfood #yegpho

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Rice Bowl Deluxe has a new location in the Lynnwood area. On my first time there I had the pho. I was surprised that the flavour profile of the broth was as rich as it was. It came with the basil leaves and beansprouts already inserted. Although the bowl looked small-ish for the price, it was deceptively large, with lots of sliced beef (I held the beef balls - never been a fan of their texture). There also also several kinds of green onion cakes available. I had the flat kind, and it was quite full of onions and a great side to the soup.

On my second trip, I had the Laksa soup with tofu as my protein. The soup already comes with tofu puffs, which absorb the flavourful mild curry broth. The sliced tofu that was added was a huge portion, along the the noodles. This was a very thick, rich soup and wonderful on a cold day. I had a green onion doughnut as well, which was crunchy but not greasy.

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