Monday, November 6, 2017

Beef Schnitzel and More at Bistro Praha

Tonight’s dinner: pickled herring, tomato onion salad, and Wiener schnitzel. #yegfood #nomnom

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Bistro Praha is one of my favourite Edmonton restaurants. Alas, I do not get the opportunity to come here as often as I would like. A gift card and a farewell dinner for a friend brought me back, and I spent the evening enjoying European comfort food. I had an appetizer of the rolled pickled herring. Served with a generous dollop of sour cream, the portion brought me back to the Saturday afternoon lunches of my childhood. My main was the Weiner Schnitzel: a thin slice of beef in a crunchy, breaded coating. I ordered the half portion and am glad I did - the one schnitzel literally spanned across my plate. A full portion has two. The small scoop of fresh potato salad provided a flavour and texture contrast to the schnitzel. I opted for the tomato and onion salad which comes with mains, served as a starter. The tomatoes were so juicy and flavourful from being marinated, and the onions were sweet. This was a meal that satisfied all of my senses.

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