Thursday, March 1, 2012

Greens and Proteins Salad and White Chocolate Mushroom Soup

It was a cold, windy afternoon near the University of Alberta, and I needed some extra nourishment to carry me through an hour-long outdoor rally. I hopped into The Greenhouse as it was conveniently located near where I needed to be.

The appetizer soup and salad combo was my choice. I had a "Greens and Proteins" salad with one of the soups of the day: White Chocolate Mushroom.

First, the salad. It was hearty for an appetizer size, full of steak, edamame beans, trail mix, hard boiled egg, and greens in a balsamic vinegar. The variety of ingredients made for interesting flavours and textures.

Now, for the soup. Chocolate and mushrooms are two of my favourite ingredients, but I wondered how they would taste together. The rich, dark broth had a sweetness to it, which I am guessing was the chocolate at work. Combined with the earthiness of the mushrooms, the soup was quite memorable.

While I still find The Greenhouse a bit on the pricey side, I find the food quite unique.

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