Saturday, March 17, 2012

Coffee Break: Green Cap Milk Tea

Green Cap Milk Tea by raise my voice
Green Cap Milk Tea, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

I have been loving bubble tea for years now, so when I learned there was a Taiwanese version of the drink, and only one place in Edmonton that sells it, I knew a trip to the Gama Store was in order (10418 82 Avenue).

Basically, the Green Cap Milk Tea is bubble tea - without the bubbles. There is a topping of liquid cheese foam, with green tea powder on top. The milk tea is smooth and creamy, and the cheese adds another level of refreshment.

The store's owner told me that Gama gets is tea directly from Taiwan and it is considered to be a healthier drink than bubble tea (with its tapioca balls). As well, I got a lesson in how to drink it properly - the cheese and powder is supposed to be mixed in with the tea itself. Personally, I enjoyed moving my straw around and sipping a bit from the top and bottom exclusively before giving in and mixing it together.

I can definitely see myself drinking more of these when the weather gets hotter.

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