Friday, March 16, 2012

Hot and Salty Tofu at Veggie Garden

Hot and Salty Tofu by raise my voice
Hot and Salty Tofu, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

I dined at Veggie Garden Restaurant a couple of evenings ago. It reaffirmed my belief that the place is likely the best value in vegetarian dining in Edmonton.

I was craving fried tofu, so I ordered that as an appetizer. My server pointed out that the Hot and Salty Tofu was the same price, but tastier. I was concerning about the "hot" aspect of it - I like mild spice, but not heavy spice. She reassured me and I went for it.

Best dinner decision ever!

The pieces of fried tofu were light and crispy, slightly salty and mildly seasoned with pepper. Also on the place was chopped carrots and bell peppers sauteed with salt and mild hot peppers. I actually enjoyed all of this without my mouth burning.

This was indeed a flavour sensation and much more interesting than plain fried tofu.

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