Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Breakfast for Lunch: Two Eggs and Hash Browns at Route 99

I don't find myself at Route 99 Diner (8820 99 Street) often enough. The food is great and the prices reasonable.

I went for the low-priced ($5.99) two egg breakfast. My eggs over-easy were perfect - a runny yoke with some crunchy white around the edges. The hash browns at Route 99 are a favourite of mine - they are so much more flavourful than shredded varieties I have had in chain restaurants.

The meal also came with two thick slices of toast, which are not pictured here because the cook kept buttering them. I ordered my toast dry, and out of force of habit each time my slices popped up, on went the butter. Eventually, my poor waitress toasted them for me herself. It was the only glitch in an otherwise great meal.

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