Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Pho Files: Pho with Medium Beef and Brisket at Pho Huong

Pho was calling my name for lunch today - and I answered. I headed over to Pho Huong, which replaced the Hoang Long on 107 Avenue and 98 Street a while back.

I ordered my pho with medium sliced beef and beef brisket. I decided against ordering onion cakes, thinking two of them would be a bit much to eat. I made the right call. The bowl of pho was huge - possibly the largest regular-sized pho I have ever experienced. The broth was delicious and intensley flavourful, while the sliced beef was tender.

Unfortunately, the brisket was a disappointment. Mostly gristle, my enjoyment of my soup was constnatly interrupted by search and destroy missions against the offending morsels.

I will definitely head to Pho Huong again, but stick with the medium beef.

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