Sunday, October 9, 2011

Breakfast for Lunch: Omelette With Lox and Mushrooms

Today's "Breakfast for Lunch" is my most decadent yet: a fluffy four-egg omelette from New York Bagel Cafe (84 Avenue and Gateway Boulevard) with house-made hash browns, fresh fruit, and a bagel. I opted for multigrain.

Omelettes come with a choice of two fillings, and I went with mushrooms and lox. You can never go wrong with lox and eggs. The mushrooms were sliced portobellos - fresh ingredients really do make all the difference.

Add a house coffee (which is like a latte, except you pour in the steamed milk yourself), and you have one happy and full Paula.

An important note: this is a small cafe that gets very busy on weekends. There is usually a lineup, and once you get a table, quite a wait for the food, which is one reason a handout explaining the concept of "slow food" is given along with the menu. I waited close to an hour for my meal but was prepared with a book and writing materials. Nor was I in a hurry to get anywhere else after. Be patient - the food is worth waiting for.

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