Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Pho Files: Northern Vietnamese Soup

Thanh Thanh is on 107 Avenue and 101 Street and is a very popular place for Vietnamese food. The decor is upscale as far as Asian restaurants go, and the prices are slightly higher - then again, the service is much more attentive and the food is excellent.

One of my favourite dishes at Thanh Thanh is, of course, the pho. But the pho I order here is unlike any other - it's the Northern Vietnamese Soup featuring a medley of well done beef, medium beef, and chicken. It is a feast in a bowl.

My only problem consuming it was the fact that the meat was under the noodles (instead of above as it usually is in pho) and I could not find the medium beef until the broth had cooled downn. The beef was all clumped together and after I separated it, it was still pink and did not have a chance to cook fully. Note to self: fully excavate all meat while the broth is still piping hot.

Otherwise, this is a bowl of soup that packed a punch - it doesn't look huge, but that is deceptive.

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