Thursday, March 5, 2015

Vegging Out: Lunch at Cafe Mosaics

"Toona" and avocado with fried wantons. #yegfood

I wanted to try Cafe Mosaics again, my second time since the renovations and change in ownership. I started with an appetizer, the "toona" avocado with wontons. The "toona" tasted like tuna salad only because of the herbs and veggies added to it. The base itself was more like hummus. The wontons were also actually deep fried pita chips.

Vegan pho #yegfood

I was blown away by the vegan pho when I had it last year, even though at $15 it is pricier than any bowl of pho I have seen elsewhere. Alas, the new version did not live up to my expectations. I am not going to pull any punches here: it was the blandest bowl of pho I have ever had (and I eat pho regularly). It contained a variety of mushrooms, mostly buttons, with a few pieces of white fungus and some soft tofu. The veggie mutton as advertised on the menu was nowhere to be found. I was later told that the supplier the restaurant uses has been closed. The broth had absolutely no flavour that I could discern. A total disappointment.

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