Monday, September 2, 2013

Plow and Harvest

As a lover of home cooked, home style meals, I was eager to try the new Plow and Harvest which opened up on 170 street and 100 Avenue, in a large space formerly occupied by a number of restaurants.

I love the decor - the country theme is perhaps played up to the point of kitsch, but that is sort of the place's charm. Our greeter was very friendly and explained how to order. Of course, by the time we sat down, we had completely forgotten. Fortunately, there are staff wandering around, and one of them picked up on our confusion and helped us out.

The line between restaurant and cafeteria is blurred when it comes to payment. I don't mind paying for my food first. The main advantage for me is not having to wait for the bill after (my least favourite part of dining out). Tipping is another matter. Perhaps there is some way to tip afterwards that the management can incorporate.

I ordered a turkey entree and my friend had the "not so sloppy" Joe. Sandwiches come with fries, which cannot be substituted for another side (although sides can be ordered for an addition $4 each). Entrees come with a side, and you can pick one additional one, so I went for fries. I found them crispy and seasoned. My stuffing was one of the best I ever had. I loved the gravy, which was not overpowering and went especially well with the stuffing, and the turkey - five or six thick slices of white breast meat. The accompanying artisan bread (a pumpernickel bun) was also great - and I don't even like pumpernickel!

I did not taste the sloppy Joe but my friend was satisfied with it and said he would order it again. He also had a side of stuffing in addition to his fries and shared my enthusiasm for it. We loved the presentation - sides are in these mini cast iron skillets and condiments are in tiny silver buckets.

My main disappointment was our beverages. I was initially excited about Boylan's pop being on tap. The problem was that it tasted very watered down. Also, the chairs are not comfortable - my lower back felt sort of caged in. The restaurant is definitely not perfect, but I the food and service were good. I am hoping the standard will be maintained on future visits.

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