Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lunch at the Hotel Selkirk

I head to Fort Edmonton Park at least once or twice a year. It is my favourite outdoor attraction in the city. I love riding the train and streetcar, seeing the interpreters in period dress, exploring all of the old buildings, and learning more about Edmonton's history.

I visited the park today and had lunch at the Hotel Selkirk. I've consistently been underwhelmed by the food here, but it's nicer dining there than in the Masonic Hall cafeteria.

Chicken and corn chowder at Hotel Selkirk #yegfood

The chicken and corn chowder is an original hotel creation that is excellent. It is thick, full of tender chicken and corn, and the corn chips add colour and crunch. If they offered a meal-sized bowl I would certainly order it.

Fish and chips at Hotel Selkirk #yegfood

The fish and chips featured two crispy pieces of cod and beefsteak fries. The fries were of the frozen variety. The accompanying tartar sauce tasted like Kraft's, and the coleslaw was fresh and tangy. I am always amazed when restaurants don't make their own fries and tartar sauce (especially a more upscale establishment) because neither is difficult. Overall, the meal was adequate though nothing special.

I also found the service to be lacking. We sat for quite a while after our meal was completed before I finally had to go over to a server to get the bill. Service was good until that point.

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