Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Veggie Burger at Blue Plate Diner

A quick lunch was in order on the way to an event on Sunday, so Blue Plate Diner it was. I had a veggie burger with fries - I usually love house made veggie burgers, which differ greatly from the commercially available ones.

The fresh, crunch grain bun was a delight. The condiments and veggies were ice cold, which affected the temperature of the burger. I could also have stood to be cooked longer - it was quite soft and the outside should have been crispier. Flavour wise, the dijon mustard dominated, although I could sense a lot of seasonings going on within the burger too.

The house made fries were wonderful - hot, fresh, and plentiful.

I think with some tweaking and better preparation, Blue Plate's veggie burger could be a lot better than it is, or at least it was when I had it.

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