Friday, September 13, 2013

Grilled Turkey Sandwich and Iced Coffee at Gracious Goods.

I had to finish reading a book in preparation for a talk I am giving. Problem is, it seems like no matter which cafe I pick, someone knows me and strikes up a conversation, thus causing me to set aside the purpose for which I am there. So, I headed to Belgravia yesterday to Gracious Goods Cafe where I could read in peace.

Thing is, I was also hungry and thirsty from the bike ride there. I had a grilled turkey sandwich in flatbread (other choices were as a wrap or on focaccia), replacing the provolone cheese with avocado (which normally costs 50 cents extra to add). The flatbread was grainy, with a hint of sweetness, and served almost like a wrap.

The combination of the spinach, cranberry sauce, and turkey made the sandwich almost taste like Thanksgiving dinner, while the avocado added an earthiness. The way the sandwich was heated caused all of the ingredients to be hot, including the avocado, which was a bit strange. However, the most remarkable think about the sandwich was the fact they use actual, pulled roast turkey - not turkey deli. It was also a bit on the small side.

To drink I had an iced coffee. Freshly brewed, it was deep and fantastic.

I really like the location and atmosphere of Gracious Goods and will be back, hopefully on a regular basis.

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