Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tofu and Mushrooms at Double Greeting Won Ton House

A number of my friends think Double Greeting Won Ton House (10212 96 Street) is the best Chinese "greasy spoon" restaurant in the city. And greasy it is - from its no frills exterior to somewhat grungy looking interior, the place spells "cheap."

I opted for one of the menu's front page specials: tofu and mushrooms on steamed rice. This came with a glass of soy milk. I found this an interesting beverage choice, but fine since I like soy milk. Tea was also provided with my meal. I probably should not have also ordered a cold Hong Kong style coffee (like Vietnamese coffee, but it comes already stirred), but I had not yet had any coffee that day so I felt justified in my abundance of drinks.

When my meal came, I stared in disbelief. The huge plate of rice, mushrooms, tofu, and vegetables could easily have filled two people. It tasted great and I loved the sauce, which penetrated into the rice.

My meal deal was only around $9. Amazing. The coffee was around $3 extra.

Now, while I mentioned at the beginning that some of my friends rave about this place (and I can see why), others have warned me about it. In particular, they said that the restaurant would not meet my need for a high level of cleanliness. Personally, I didn't see anything that grossed me out in particular (admittedly, I did not visit the washrooms).

However, without going into graphic detail, a little while after I ate I was not very happy. In fairness, it could have been something else I had eaten that day. It could have been the strong coffee. It could have been that I ate a little too much. Or, I could have just been having a bad day.

Still, if I return to Double Greeting Won Ton House, I will do so cautiously, and possibly with others - this food is meant for sharing.

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