Saturday, May 18, 2013

Froyo at Menchie's

I am a frozen yoghurt fanatic - it doesn't twist my gut like most other dairy products - so I absolutely had to try the new location of Menchie's near 87 Avenue and 109 Street in the Garneau area.

I was impressed with the number and variety of flavours. I wish the chocolate and vanilla dispensers worked a bit better. I ended up with original tart flavour as well as tart cherry. I could have just done a twist of them, as they were in the same machine, but oh well.

The number of self-serve toppings was also huge, and leaned on the candy side, as well as nuts, chocolates, granola, and fruit. I went with a rather diverse assortment of Smarties, granola, Skor bits, chocolate rocks, and chocolate macaroons. Did I mention this was my lunch? Stop judging me.

Payment is by weight and there is only one size of cup. Staff are very friendly. This place bodes a definite return visit.

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  1. Hi Paula, the only thing I don't like about Menchie's are the additives and preservatives they use. Feel free to read my blog posts about Menchie's: