Monday, May 27, 2013

Food Issues: March Against Monsanto

In April, I attended a rally against the use of genetically modified alfalfa. At that time, I heard rumblings of a major rally to take place in May against genetically modified foods in general, aimed specifically against the corporate giant Monsanto.

March Against Monsanto - Edmonton

May 25 was the March Against Monsanto. It was a global day of action that saw many thousands of people around the world marching for food security and safety, promoting organic food and food producers. Here in Edmonton, more than 1000 people took part at the march and rally's peak, which began at End of Steel Park and snaked its way through the Whyte Avenue area, before returning to the park.

March Against Monsanto - Edmonton

It was no coincidence that the location of the march and rally was near one of Edmonton's most popular farmer's markets. The event was as much encouraging people to buy local and organic as it was against corporate domination of our food (and lives in general).

March Against Monsanto - Edmonton

Indeed, the March Against Monsanto is about changing people's attitudes towards food and where and how it is produced rather than just being against a corporation. It is about educating people about their choices and hopefully encouraging them to make choices that are healthier for themselves and the planet. And it is about implementing policies for honest labelling so that people can make these informed choices.

For a full photo set from the event, click here. For videos, click here.

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