Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chocolate Torte Cake and Mochachino

I often have coffee in the afternoon, usually over a meeting or reading a book by myself. It is only when I feel particularly decadent that I have cake or another kind of sweet treat.

When I was at Zocalo (95 Street and 108 Avenue) with a co-worker yesterday, I indulged in a piece of chocolate torte cake. The cake itself was rich and fudge-like in texture, while the creamy middle layer reminded me of cheesecake. However, it was the top, thick layer of fudge which took the cake (literally). It was a chocoholic's delight.

Add to this experience the fact I had a mochachino, and that rounded out the chocolate goodness of the afternoon. What I like the most about Zocalo's mochas is that they use real, shaved chocolate - not a poweder or syrup. The result is not as sweet as other mochas, but definitely rich and chocolatey.

Now, please excuse me - I have to get to an exercise class!

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