Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tandoori Salmon at Naanolicious

Tandoori salmon at Naanolicious. #yegfood

I have been to Naanolicious so many times that I have pretty much settled into a routine of ordering my favourite dishes in rotation. Tonight, I decided to try something new. I love tandoori chicken, so was curious as to how the tandoori salmon would measure up. The results were impressive. The salmon was moist, tender, and full of flavour without diminishing the natural taste of the fish. Served with saffron rice, a few roasted potatoes, and a salad, the plate was as attractive to look at as to eat. One of the most incredible salmon dinners I have had in a long time. It's also one of the pricer items on the menu at $22, but worth treating yourself to.

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