Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Just Desserts: Gracious Goods

Beef Barley Soup and Thai Chicken Wrap

I found myself in Belgravia and in need of lunch a few days ago, so stopped in to Gracious Goods. My Thai chicken wrap had a lot of chicken in it, as well as crunchy noodles, green onions, and lots of spicy peanut sauce (which was a bit overpowering at times). Beef barley soup probably was not the most obvious side and the flavours clashed somewhat, but the soup was incredible: piping hot, and full of beefy goodness.


However, the real star of my afternoon was the affogato. A huge scoop of chocolate ice cream was surrounded by two shots of espresso. The mix of temperatures and a flavour combination that resulted in a pleasant mocha would bring me back here just for that.

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