Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Pho Files: Pho Delight

Nothing ends a day out better than pho, so my adventures on Whyte Avenue yesterday came to a conclusion with my ifrst visit to Pho Delight.

The menu was similar as to ones I have seen in various pho restaurants - glossy paper and colour photos and all - and there is also a house menu on an eraseable board with specials.

I opted for my tried and true steak pho, in a regular portion. The steak was lean and tender, while the soup was topped with generous portions of green and white onions, and cilantro. The noodles were plentiful, the broth rich and meaty enough (with a hint of sweetness). It was certainly just as good as many of the bowls in Chinatown, with similar prices.

Pho Delight is definitely going to become my go-to pho place on Whyte.

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