Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday at Sabzy

Traditional Persian yogurt soda #yegfood

On Saturday, I had supper at Sabzy. I wanted something to drink without alcohol and was reflective of Persian culture. My answer came in a cup of doogh, which is carbonated, plain yogurt with herbs. The taste was salty and sour, and the carbonation added an interesting texture. It is definitely not something to chug down when thirsty, but to sip and experience. I could see myself acquiring a taste for this.

Lamb shank and barberry rice #yegfood

The lamb shank with barberry rice was ordered on the other side of the table, but I just had to try it. The lamb was cooked for 18 hours and the seasonings had totally permeated it. It literally fell off the bone. It tasted different than any other lamb I had ever tried before.

Marinated chicken with barberry saffron rice #yegfood

I had the barberry rice mix with marinated chicken. The chicken was also very tender, with flavour through and through. The rice was plentiful and had an interesting assortment of flavours. At its base was saffron, topped with almonds, pistachios, and barberry, which were dried. They look like pieces of pomegranate, but have a slightly bitter flavour. This dominated, and I could not really taste the nuts.

Overall, we both enjoyed our meals. I am going to have to come back for the doogh and the lamb shank.

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  1. This Sabzy review made me salivate like a dog! Lol. Edmonton does not have many persian food choices and as an Iranian I should say it is far from the traditional or anything in persian restaurants anywhere in North America. It does have a personal touch to it, it is like going to the chef's home and eating his takes on foods. In Iran and even in other cities in Canada like Vancouver and Toronto all places make iranian dishes the same way and variety is not usually there. I wish I could take you to Vancouver once :) doogh as you said is not thirst quenching and we usually have it with kababs (plz plz we do not say kabob or kebab :)) ) and it does make to sleepy ..... We usually do serve a lot of rice with our food as you very well noticed. I am loving your blog.