Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Poutine at MyFries

MyFries is an Edmonton-based fast food/casual restaurant that serves up poutine in many different ways. The fries are baked, not fried, making for a healthier experience. The cheese curds come from Quebec and they make their own gravy. However, customers can top the fries with basically any combination of meat, cheese, sauce, and veggies available, along with being able to choose from some pre-established options like donair, pizza, and pulled pork.

I opted to build my own with fresh guacamole (very fresh and chunky), salsa (medium spiced), sauteed mushrooms (delicious), and homestyle gravy (unique). I did not opt for cheese or a protein. The fries themselves get their flavour from the toppings and taste very bland and starchy on their own - MyFries does offer fries on their own, so I would recommend a dipping sauce. Otherwise, it just felt like I was eating a combination of a lot of different, albeit delicious, ingredients without any real cohesion. The portion is also huge - I could not finish my regular serving.

On the other hand, my dining companion raved about his donair fries, topped with donair meat, sauce, diced tomatoes, and cheese. He had a large and found it very filling - more so than a burger and fries.

MyFries is a really unique concept - the food just did not really "sing" to me. However, people who love poutine should definitely check it out.

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