Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Breakfast for Lunch: Murrieta's

A couple of weeks ago on a busy Saturday, I took time out to enjoy brunch at Murrieta's on Whyte Avenue. I have had supper here a few times, but never breakfast.

I had the basic two eggs and toast dish I normally get at all of the chain places where I have breakfast. This was definitely the champagne and limousine version. The potatoes were hand cut and fried to perfection while the organic grain toast was so excellent, it was almost the highlight of the meal. And I was given two slices instead of just one!

The eggs were wonderful. Locally sourced, they were cooked to perfection and the flavour and yolk colour made them quite distinguishable from their factory farmed counterparts.

I had smoked salmon as my additional protein (bacon, sausage, and other choices were also available). The portion of it was reasonable. So was the price - at around $10 it was delicious and affordable.

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