Friday, April 13, 2012

Ribeye Steak Dinner at Santo's

Ribeye Steak Dinner by raise my voice
Ribeye Steak Dinner, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

I stopped by the newly renovated Santo's Resto-Lounge a couple of evenings ago for supper. The new owners are working wonders with the place.

I had one of the evening's specials, which was a ribeye steak coated with sauteed mushrooms, and served with a choice of side and garlic toast. I had to hold the garlic toast (I'm bread-free this week for Passover), and I think the kitchen made up for that by piling the french fries high! And they were crispy, nicely seasoned, and delicious.

My ribeye was juicy and flavourful. I ordered it well-done, and although it was served to me more like medium-well, I still found it nicely cooked. I was quite happy that the flavour permeated throughout the juicy meat. I had a steak upon occasion in the past, and found them to be rather bland and chewy. I am glad the new owners and kitchen staff know how to cook a steak. And at only $10, this was a steak dinner that was definitely affordable.

My next adventure at Santo's will be trying the pizza. I am incredibly curious to see how it compares to the past.

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