Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chicken Fingers at Santo's

Chicken Fingers by raise my voice
Chicken Fingers, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

It was a dreary, snowy, mid-April day, and I was in Little Italy on business. Not wanting to walk any further than I had to, I lunched at Santo's.

Santo's has draught beer and appetizer specials every day of the week. A small (12 ounce) glass of beer is served with one of the restaurant's appetizers, for one low price of $9.95. Today's special happened to be what I wanted to eat anyways: chicken fingers.

Chicken fingers is my favourite bar comfort food. The three fingers were thick and juicy, served with a heap of crispy fries. What really made the meal was the honey mustard sauce - it was creamy and had grains in it. I found myself dipping my fries in it and ran out before I was finished my meal (note to self: next time, ask for more). The addition of pickled hot peppers on lettuce was an interesting way to liven up the plate a little.

My small glass of Stella was refreshing, and just enough beer for me at this time of the day (yes, there are jokes that can be told here by those who know me, but we'll just ignore those for now).

A full listing of Santo's' appetizer specials are on a board inside the main lobby, and also listed on their website.

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