Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vermicelli with Beef and Spring Rolls

Today I had lunch at Pho Rice Pot, or The Rice Pad, or whatever it is called these days (18531 Stony Plain Road). I just call it one of my favourite places for Chinese and Vietnamese food in west Edmonton.

I had beef vermicelli with vegetarian spring rolls (ones with pork were also an option). The beef was thin, lean, and tender, tasting of the grill and lemongrass. The spring rolls were long and thin, and super crispy.

Although I always enjoy the pickled carrots, the rest of the salad looked a bit on the wilted side. I was full enough from the spring rolls, beef, and noodles (as well as the onion cakes I consumed as an appetizer) not to worry about that much, and simply left it behind.

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