Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bourbon St. Grill

Combo Platter by raise my voice
Combo Platter, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

Today I discovered the Bourbon St. Grill in West Edmonton Mall. No, it isn't on Bourbon Street - it is in the Phase One food court. This fast food kiosk is Cajun meets Chinese, and makes for an interesting and unique food experience.

Basically, the food is in hot trays and you pick your own combo. Combos consist of rice (chicken fries or gumbo), pasta, or mashed potatoes; one or two veggies; and one or two meats - meats meaning choosing from the many different kinds of chicken or the grilled fish.

I went with the chicken fried rice (excellent), glazed carrots (fresh and sweet), bourbon chicken (grilled chicken cut into small pieces and served in a sweet bourbon sauce), and mango chicken (similar to lemon chicken, but with a slightly different flavour).

The bourbon chicken was the best I have had - there are other Chinese fast food mall places that sell something similar, and this had the freshest taste. The portion overall was huge and at $9 it wasn't cheap, but wasn't unreasonable either.

I highly recommend Bourbon St. Grill to anyone who wants a different kind of food court experience.

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