Saturday, November 12, 2011

Breakfast for Lunch: Big Breakfast at Blue Plate Diner

Big Breakfast by raise my voice
Big Breakfast, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

Blue Plate Diner is one of my favourite places for brunch. It has an artsy atmosphere and great food - both things that I enjoy!

I haven't been to the Blue Plate in ages so I went there for lunch today and had the Big Breakfast: two eggs, a thick piece of multigrain toast, pan fried potatoes, and house-made vegetarian sausage.

The eggs are from Hutterite free-range chickens, and are huge! They also taste better than the factory farmed stuff - having been eating a lot of egg dishes out lately, I really noticed that. I've always enjoyed the pan-fried potatoes, even if some of them are a little on the dry side.

The veggie sausage could have been a little bigger but the cranberry and other ingredients create a unique flavour.

If you want a unique brunch with local ingredients, head for Blue Plate Diner.

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