Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Chicken Sausages at Hudson's

Chicken sausages #yegfood

I am always amazed when I see options for sausages that are not pork-based, so I was happy to see chicken sausages on the menu at Hudson's. I ordered them when I was at the Whyte Avenue location for lunch this week. The Spolumbo's chicken maple sausages were large and had a good texture, although I did not pick up much of the sweetness from the maple. The onion demi-glace was extremely thick and soupy - more like a rich gravy, and that really dominated. Instead of the cheddar mashed potatoes I had fries (I don't like cheese in my mash and it was already all made up). Very filling comfort food, but if I ever had it again I would ask for the demi-glace on the side.

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